Visiting poor households

Last week on Thursday, 13th October 2016, our team comprised of Karen, Emily, Johnson and led by Samwel visited Rundugai Village in Hai District, Kilimanjaro region to conduct pre-intervention consultative meetings with young img-20161014-wa0025people, women and village leaders. We had an opportunity to hold successful focus group discussions with a group of 6 young people and a group of 13 women and also held meetings with village leaders. In addition, we visited some women microenterprises, inspected some social services and  visited several households where we met children and women living in extreme poverty. Local leaders, women and young people in this village were thrilled by FAE’s approach to ending extreme poverty. Very poor and disadvantaged young people and women are excited and looking forward to the starting of our actual intervention. They are ready to collaborate and receive support from FAE in creating microenterprises and in improving women and young people’s access to quality socio-economic services in order to eliminate the causes and consequences of extreme poverty in their lives, households and communities.

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