We did not expect this impact!

We did not expect this positive impact from our school water project 

On July 19th, 2017, a team from the Foundation for African Empowerment (FAE) arrived at the Chemka Village to see the progress on the implementation of the Chemka Primary School water project. The project is implemented in partnership with the BAM International, Hai District Council, Chemka Village and the Foundation for African Empowerment. The project is expected to improve dignity and school attendance especially for girl pupils, hygiene and sanitation, health and relieve pupils from carrying 10 to 20 liters of unsafe water to school every day.  FAE team was caught by surprise to see six young girls in blue engineer’s coats enthusiastically and actively working alongside the local senior technician, Mr Jumanne Hussen. We immediately became interested to know more about them. When we talked to them this is what we found out:

Their names and ages were Anastazia (20), Mwanaisha, (19), Lailatu (20) Elizabeth (19), Zuena (20). Except one, all of them are residents of the Chemka Village and graduated from the Chemka Primary School.  They are all in year one undertaking a three-year certificate course in plumbing and pipe fittings at the Arusha Technical Collage, Kikuletwa Renewable Energy Training Center. The most impressive thing is that all of them were on leave but decided to volunteer in the Chemka Primary School water project so as to gain experience in plumbing and pipe fittings but also to help their community and their former school. They worked under the supervision of Mr Jumanne Hussein, a 59 years old man who is a well-experienced plumber and a resident of Chemka Village. Mr Hussein showed excitement to pass on his knowledge and skills to the young generation in particular girls who are aspiring to reach highest possible levels in the plumbing and pipe fitting profession.

How did you come to know about this water project?

“We saw technicians working and we requested if we could come and learn from the project but also contribute our energy and skills.”

What is your best experience in this project?

“Practical learning of many things and the opportunity granted to us to participate actively in the project.”

If you are given two scenarios, one to volunteer in a water project to connect water to a private firm and another project to connect water to a school, what project would you choose and why?

“We would choose to volunteer in a school water project because we shall be helping students and community.”

When you were students at Chemka Primary School, how was life like?

“There was no water, no descent toilets.  But now life is different, one can wash hands ad use water in the toilet. It helps to prevent disease.”

What are your future dreams?

Laila said that to start water projects and distribute water in the villages where there is no water.

Anastazia said that to be employed in big and reputable water firm.

Mwanaisha said that to start my own firm to sell plumbing materials.

Elizabeth said that to start my own business of selling plumbing materials.

Do you think what you are doing in this project is an inspiration to the young students in this primary school?

“Yes, many pupils have come and talked to us. They wish that they could one day wear the engineer’s coats and work like us.”

Where else could you volunteer?

“We could volunteer elsewhere outside the village. However, it could be challenging to get such an opportunity but also it could attract expenses and risks since we are girls.  But here, we feel safe, happy and valuable to our village.”

The Foundation for African Empowerment is learning of unintended positive impact of the Chemka Primary School water project. We did not know that the project could be an opportunity for the young college girls to learn and also showcase their knowledge and skills to their fellow local residents. Moreover, their volunteerism spirit was impressive.

The Chemka Primary School Water project will be officially launched on August 2nd, 2017. In order to get latest updates on this project and others, please follow and like us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail+ and Youtube.  You can also subscribe to our e-newsletter and be the first to get the latest updates from the Foundation for African Empowerment.



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