Become a Volunteer 

“As we seek to build capacities and to help the new agenda to take root, volunteerism can be another powerful and cross-cutting means of implementation. Volunteerism can help to expand and mobilize constituencies, and to engage people in national planning and implementation for the Sustainable Development Goals. And volunteer groups can help to localize the new agenda by providing new spaces of interaction between governments and people for concrete and scalable actions.” Ban Kin Moon, the UN Secretary-General.

The contribution of volunteers and interns on international development and peace promotion is invaluable. You can get involved in the activities of the Foundation for African Empowerment (FAE) by either volunteering in our offices, projects or in our local partner institutions whose activities supplement or complement FAE’s mission. Your small artscontributions will make a big difference! Do you want to make sustainable real change to extreme poor communities in Tanzania? Are you thirst to experience the real culture and the unparalleled adventures. Tanzania is the perfect place for both experienced and first time volunteers. Volunteering and interning with FAE goes hand in hand with intensive training among others on sustainable international development and hand-on experience with FAE’s projects or with our local partner organizations.

Ways to Volunteer or Intern
Apart from having volunteer opportunities on offer, we also organize special volunteer events which provide opportunity for national and international volunteers to exchange culture and participate in community development projects aimed at sustainable development and peace promotion. You can volunteer physically by being present at the FAE’s office, projects or at our local partner institutions. You can help to design, fundraising, advocate for our work,  or support projects that reflect beneficiaries’ priorities. We have made volunteering easy by accepting Online or Virtual Volunteers for those not able to make physical presence. Online Volunteers can help with web design and social media strategy, fundraising, writing, editing, translation, research, data entry and a host of other needs.

Who can volunteer or intern in FAE’s activities?
We accept and welcome volunteers from all over the world who want to support the mission and vision for FAE and make ethical impact. The length of volunteering or interning can last from several weeks to several years. Even short term volunteering or interning can have a big impact because of the planning, training and support. You can volunteer as corporate, student, professional, family or couple. We accept professional volunteers and none professional volunteers to join hands in supporting the work of FAE and our local partner institutions in the rural communities in Tanzania.

What sets FAE’s Volunteering and Internship apart?
 Our programs are safe, culturally immersive, and developmentally impactful because of our strong relationship with families and communities.
 We provide logistical advice and support, with ongoing training to volunteers and interns.
 We offer rigorous participatory development, cultural integration and project management training that volunteers IMG_6740and interns apply in the communities.
 Our values and program structures reflect our outcome priorities which enhance volunteers and intern experience through critical reflection on the role of international development.
 We welcome all volunteers and provide special opportunities for retired professionals, mid career professionals, graduate, undergraduate, and gap year students to engage in real development work in Africa.
 FAE allow online and onsite volunteers to be able to use their talents to inspire more people to get involved in FAE activities.

 We allow volunteers and interns to mobilize resources for our projects and programs in Tanzania. This opportunity allows volunteers to discover their talents and achieve more than they have ever imagined.

Benefits of Volunteering and Interning

Benefits to FAE

Through your volunteering and internship, you could help FAE realize its mission of transforming extreme poor rural communities through promoting access to:-

  • Education
  • Water
  • Healthcare, and
  • Livelihoods

Benefits to Volunteer or Intern

There’re many benefits for one to volunteer in international development. Many people choose to volunteer in FAE activities img-20161116-wa0049because of the following benefits:-
 Creation of lifelong connections
 Changing one’s life journey
 Giving back and making a difference
 Seeking comrade- establishing network ties
 Seeking new business opportunities
 Acquiring of new knowledge, experience and skills
 Appreciation of other people’s cultures.
 Explore the natural wonders.
 Bringing happiness in one’s life
 Enhancing global citizenship
 Get a recognition certificate
 Getting academic credit
 Bringing about virtuous cycle

Note: Internships may count towards college credit or required intern hours, upon approval by your learning institution.

What to expect 

Before joining any organization, it is normal for a volunteer to wonder on what to expect in the new organization and new environment. When you are volunteering with FAE, expect the following:-

  • Welcome, induction, and support to settle for work and for life in the new environment.
  • A named contact person for support and help including processing of your work permit and tour excursions.
  • To work full time but we are flexible to have a work schedule that suits you and the organization if need be.
  • Opportunity to contribute your creativity and talents to advance FAE’s mission.
  • To get some time off-duty to socialize and enjoy the beauty of Tanzania.
  • To work in the office but also to visit project sites in the rural communities.
  • Free accommodation and an office space if relocating to Arusha.
  • To feel valued by the organization and able to contribute to its development.
  • Training to understand the organization, its mission, job role and deliverable expected from you.
  • Good working conditions in a fast-growing organization, a satisfactory and challenging job in a multicultural team.
  • To be thanked for your time through certificate of appreciation and a letter of recommendation.
  • Creating lifelong social and professionals friends.

Apply to become a Volunteer or an Intern

Due to its peaceful atmosphere, vibrant culture, stunning scenery, friendly and warm-hearted people, Tanzania has been witnessing increasing number of international volunteers who not only come to contribute to social, cultural and economic development but also to learn other cultures and undertake safari adventures to various fascinating touristic attractions.

We understand and value the difference volunteers make in local communities. On the other hand, we believe that volunteers deserve optimal level of services in order to makeIMG_6869 real and meaningful change in the local communities. FAE created volunteering program in order to respond to the needs of volunteers coming to Tanzania to support FAE’s development processes as they immerse themselves into the local culture and explore the wonders of the country.

If you are qualified for the available opportunities or think you have the skills to help FAE in any other way, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. Apply today for a volunteering and internship experience which you will remember for the rest of your life!

Interested to become a volunteer or an intern! Please contact us at  or call us at +255 767 187299. Click here to see available opportunities.