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The Foundation for African Empowerment (FAE) is a not-for-profit sustainable human development organization dedicated to improving lives of the extreme poor people in the rural communities. The organization depends on receiving support and funding  from individuals, philanthropists, foundations, corporations and well-wishers in order to further its mission and make a difference in the lives of the marginalized and impoverished rural communities in Tanzania. Through partnerships, we strengthen our collective impact and cost effectiveness, and contribute to ending extreme poverty and improvement of wellbeing. There’re six keys ways you can choose to partner with FAE and be part of the team that create real positive sustainable change in rural communities.  These are:

Why Partner with FAE?

Grassroots Impact

Support interventions that transform lives in a measurable way in the most impoverished rural communities. We participatorily assess communities and obtain an in-depth understanding of the local contexts and cultures before implementing any intervention.


Invest in the development interventions that are sustainable since they’re created through participatory process and respond to targeted constituents needs and priorities.

Direct Involvement

We give freedom to donors, volunteers and individuals to give time, expertise or advice on a strategy from where they’re and/or directly work in the field alongside our staff.


We accept to be questioned to explain our actions and decisions regarding our programs and projects in the community and how we have spent development partners’ funding and support.

Sustainable Human Development

Aid programs designed to sustainably address socioeconomic inequality, improve wellbeing, human dignity and freedom of img_7119individuals in the impoverished communities.


We’re explicit and honest regarding the reasons behind our actions and decisions and we keep our records open to our development partners.

Public Recognition

We give public recognition to our development partners’ support through joint public relations and marketing campaigns in our documents. 

Global Network

Join our global network of committed foundations, corporations, individuals and well-wishers who are committed to empowering rural communities in order to end extreme poverty and improving quality of life.

Focused Support

Through Our Integrated Approach, we give liberty to our development partners to target their support to a specific projects  in the community.


We wish to thank you in advance for getting involved in the FAE’s activities. FAE is an organization you can trust. We promise to abide by our organizational core values of been accountable and transparent for every donation and support we receive from our development partners. Contact us today at or call us on +255 767 187299 to find out what’s going on and how you can get involved.