Become a Corporate Partner

Communities & NGO Partners

At the Foundation for African Empowerment (FAE) we understand that improving lives of the extreme poor people in the rural communities is complex and challenging. We’re convinced that attainment of the sustainable development goal #1 requires fostering and promoting effective collaborative partnerships between multiple partners. Therefore, FAE welcomes collaborative partnership with international NGOs, national NGOs, faith-based organizations, private institutions and local communities.

Corporate & Foundations
We would appreciate the support from corporate and foundations from around the world. We welcome corporate as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to support projects that are in our areas of focus but also are in line with their priorities and values. Corporate and foundations could fund FAE’s program or project of choice or send their employees to help in the implementation of projects  in the local communities and to see first-hand their corporate or foundation generosity in action. Through our Integrated Development Approach, corporate and foundations could also choose to sponsor projects  aimed at improving access to education, healthcare, water or livelihood opportunities. By funding or sending employee volunteers, the benefits to the corporate and foundation, the employee volunteers, FAE and  communities are invaluable.

Institutes & Universities
Institutes and universities around the world have special role to play with regard to transforming lives of the extreme poor people in the rural areas. FAE values and welcomes partnerships with universities, institutions, and colleges in various areas such as research, giving students hand-on experience or practical training on international sustainable development and initiating and implementing collaborative projects or programs. We accept undergraduates and graduate students and faculty members. Our collaborative programs with universities may make student intern at FAE’s activities earn academic credit or required intern hours, upon approval by the learning institution.

Governmental & Intergovernmental Organizations

FAE’s services supplement and complement government efforts to bring about development in the rural communities. We therefore welcome collaboration and support from government as well as regional intergovernmental organizations and regional economic blocks.

Interested to partner with FAE in creating sustainable change in the lives of the extreme poor people in the rural communities! We would love to hear from you and discuss how we can work together. Please  write us an email at or call +255 767 187299.