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Help to connect Amina’s school to safe drinking water

Amina’s school is in a critical need of safe drinking water. Weʼre raising £6,500 or USD 7,500 to help bring safe drinking water to Amina’s school. If you can, DONATE here,  IMG_6584

Or contact us at email: so that we can receive your donation.Our website,

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Thank you for your support.

We are now recruiting  a volunteer!  

The contribution of volunteers in international development is invaluable. The Foundation for African Empowerment (FAE) is seeking for passionate, committed and skilled volunteers to join its management team by filling the following volunteer opportunity:-IMG_6852

  1. Fundraising and Communications Manager

To get more details about the opportunities and how to apply, please visit, Also, visit to learn more on what to expect as a volunteer and the advantages of volunteering with us.

Participatory methodology helped to identify three priority projects at Chemka Village

A few days ago, a team from FAE made another visit to Chemka Village to engage village leaders and community members in a participatory process  in order to identify projects. The aim was to identify and prioritize projects around water, healthcare and education sectors which have potential to benefit majority people and help to break the cycle of extreme poverty in the village. Thanks to the participants and the participatory approach which helped to bring to surface three priority projects, namely:-

  1. Connecting safe water at Chemka Primary School,
  2. Completing the construction of a village dispensary and,img_7228
  3. Rain water harvesting for irrigation farming.

As FAE, we are now doing the project-write ups so that we can move to the next stages. It is envisage that these projects will be executed in collaboration with the village government, community members, and other development partners like you. If you want to learn more about these projects or you are interested to join us, please contact us at the email:

We cannot end this update without admitting that the hospitality of the community members is incredible and the natural beauty is abound and breathtaking! Visiting Chemka village even for a few hours can never be a regret.

Women and young people at Rundugai Village in Kilimanjaro region are geared towards ending extreme poverty in their lives  

Last week on Thursday, 13th October 2016, our team comprised of Karen, Emily, Johnson and led by Samwel visited Rundugai Village in Hai District, Kilimanjaro region to conduct pre-intervention consultative meetings with young img-20161014-wa0025people, women and village leaders. We had an opportunity to hold successful focus group discussions with a group of 6 young people and a group of 13 women and also held meetings with village leaders. In addition, we visited some women microenterprises, inspected some social services and  visited several households where we met children and women living in extreme poverty. Local leaders, women and young people in this village were thrilled by FAE’s approach to ending extreme poverty. Very poor and disadvantaged young people and women are excited and looking forward to the starting of our actual intervention. They are ready to collaborate and receive support from FAE in creating microenterprises and in improving women and young people’s access to quality socio-economic services in order to eliminate the causes and consequences of extreme poverty in their lives, households and communities.


Why not join FAE Board of Directors?

The current FAE Board of Directors are Ms. Karen Bilton Butterfield, Dr Roger Ayiko, Ms Delvina A. Minja, Mr Johnson Lyimo and Mr. Samwel O. Mfanga. We are currently recruiting more Board members and Advisors.  Read here about the powers and functions of Board of Directors. If you are interested to become our Board member, please contact us today at or or call +255 767 187299.

We are looking for volunteers  and interns to join us at FAE.

We are seeking volunteers who are eager to join our team in conducting pre-intervention participatory assessment at the villages of  Rundugai, Cheki Maji, Chemka, Mkalama, and Kawaya in Hai District, Kilimanjaro region in Tanzania to determine priorities needs before we undertake the actual intervention. Read here about the Benefits of Volunteering or Interning at FAE. If you are interested to become a volunteer or intern, please send us an email today at or call us at +255 767 187299.