Undertake an immersion trip 

Grab this unique opportunity to meet children, young people, women and men who we are working with to end extreme poverty in their lives and communities. Get opportunity to interact with them and experience the impact FAE is having in their lives and on extreme poverty.

Experience the beautiful Tanzania countryside. Spend time in one of Tanzania’s most pristine natural environment, climb Mount Kilimanjaro, swim in the Rundugai/Chemka natural maasaihotsprings, visit the Arusha National Park, hike/birdwatch in the picturesque Marangu, meet the real maasai people of Rundugai or explore the Ngorongoro Crater.

Sample Itinerary

Day One – Meet with FAE staff for orientation.

Day Two – Travel to some villages in Masama-Rundugai ward to meet children, youths, women and men who are working with FAE to eradicate extreme poverty in their lives. You can choose to spend any number of overnight days in one of our a community member’s home or just have lunch at one of the community member’s home.

Day Three – Travel to Moshi town or Arusha city and have a day of relaxation/tourist activities at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. You can choose to have just one day or several days of visiting touristic activities in either Arusha or Kilimanjaro region or elsewhere in Tanzania.

Day Four – Travel back to your home country.mt-kili

Note: If you are in Tanzania you can make a one day trip to the villages to meet with the community members.

This is an opportunity for you to get to know our activities, local communities and enjoy the wonderful hospitality of the Tanzanian people!

Please contact us at info@thefae.org.