Healthcare is a basic human right. However, like in many parts of Africa, access to healthcare even primary healthcare in many rural Tanzanian communities is still a big challenge. According to Tanzania Health Policy, the second and the most crucial point of contact an individual has with the formal healthcare system is through a dispensary which is supposed to be a permanent healthcare facility in each village for serving the entire village population. So, all the primary healthcare services are provided from dispensary or through outreach program led by trained healthcare professionals based at the dispensary. Access to primary healthcare services could be a problem due to many factors including unavailability, affordability, distance, lack of equipment, lack of health workforce and poor services. The most poor and vulnerable people especially women and children suffer the most. We focus on healthcare because of its potential contribution to breaking the cycle of poverty. FAE’s healthcare program focuses on improving access to primary health care for the poor people in the rural communities.

We partner with community members, development partners, local governments and the private sector to remove barriers preventing poor rural communities from accessing quality primary healthcare. We also support availability of equipment and professional training to healthcare providers in the dispensaries. Without good health care to keep rural community members healthy, they cannot engage in social and economic activities.

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