A Snapshot of Enjoro Maasai Community

Enjoro Maasai Community is an underserved poor rural community in Arusha Rural District about 45km from Arusha town. It is situated on the hills of the ancient volcanic eruption of Mount Meru. It is a homogenous pure maasai community. Residents of this community practice smallholder farming and livestock keeping. Total population is estimated at 2,138 people in which 716 are men and 1,422 are women.

Why we chose Enjoro Maasai Community

Results from participatory community assessment show that this Maasai community has tremendous needs in terms of accessing healthcare, education, water, environmental conservation strategies and income generation activities. This community identified access to healthcare as their number one priority. Due to lack of a healthcare facility in the community, infants, children and women are among the most affected in terms of mortality and morbidity. Click here  to watch and hear what Namutie Lekinyi had to say about the challenges and effects of not accessing healthcare in their community.

Current Projects

In collaboration with the community, FAE is working to build a dispensary healthcare facility in order to reduce child and maternal mortality and morbidity and improve the general health condition of all community members. Also, we are working to improve primary school infrastructure to enable the 200 pupils who are currently sitting under a tree during study hours to have classrooms.  Other projects in the pipeline include supporting youth and women to have sustainable economic activities, and introducing effective environmental conservation strategies to this community.

If you are interested to know more about Enjoro Maasai Community, to donate  or to get involved in the projects, please contact us at email:info@thefae.org or +255 767 187299.