A Snap Shot of Chemka Village

Naturally beautiful but poor, Chemka village located in northern Tanzania in Kilimanjaro region is the home to approximately 2,600 people. The village is the home to a touristic-class natural hot springs. Chemka has many modest houses made of mud and grass-thatched roof. Dusty and alive, Chemka is always a happy place to visit.

The villagers are warm-hearted, hospitable and friendly people. Children and chickens run all the way and many children play with
handmade toys. Like in many villages, most people are involved in farming activities. Less than twenty percent of the land is under irrigation farming while the largest chunk is dry and cultivated once a year. Culture and lifestyle is a mixed one because the village is inhabited by different tribes such as Pare and Maasai.

Why We Chose Chemka

Upon first entering Chemka, we immediately saw development challenges in the sectors of water, healthcare, education and livelihoods but also the readiness of the village leadership and community members to collaborate in addressing the challenges. The village does not have safe drinking water for every family. The primary school is in a critical need of safe drinking water. Waterborne illness is common among pupils and teachers.

Chemka lacks primary healthcare facility as well. The health of the women, children and the entire village is at high risk. Livelihoods activities are under threat of a drought. The village needs water for irrigation farming in order to improve livelihoods opportunities. Extreme poverty is severe and pervasive.

Current Projects

In collaboration with the village members, FAE is working to implement two projects. The project to bring safe drinking water to Chemka Primary School and the project to complete construction of a dispensary so as to promote access to primary healthcare.

If you are interested to know more about Chemka Village, to donate  or to get involved in the projects at Chemka Village, please contact us at email:info@thefae.org or +255 767 187299.