Education is not only a fundamental human right but it is also inextricably linked to poverty. According to Tanzania Education Policy, nursery and primary schools are the first gateway for the children into the formal education system. Hence, each village is supposed to have a nursery as well as a primary school, in most cases located in the same compound. However, in many rural communities, children and communities are denied access to quality nursery and primary school education which makes it hard for them to succeed to higher levels, get themselves out of the circle of poverty and contribute to their  community transformations.

Therefore, FAE intends to work alongside rural communities and other stakeholders to improve access to quality education for children in nursery and primary schools. We particularly focus on removing barriers facing rural children, both boys and girls from accessing quality nursery and primary school education. We also support initiatives aimed at improving teaching and learning for children. Our approach requires us to listen to the community members, teachers, local government and students to understand their priority needs and in collaboration with them we work out a strategy to address the needs.

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