Economic Opportunities 

There is a link between economic opportunities and poverty. At FAE we work in the rural communities to strengthen sustainable economic opportunities in order to increase incomes, ensure nutritional  food security and eradicate  poverty. While working in the rural communities, we give special focus on the most poor and vulnerable women and young people. We focus on strengthening economic opportunities  not only as a human right but also as a pathway to ending poverty and building sustainable developed communities. We strengthen economic opportunities in both farming and non-farming activities.

Through our economic strengthening process, the most poor and vulnerable are supported and given opportunity to expand their economic opportunities so as to have positive impact in their lives, on the local economy and on the building of sustainable development in their communities. Efforts to eradicate poverty in all its forms before 2030 cannot be realized without addressing the issue of economic inequality and other cultural and social factors that hinder development of the most poor and vulnerable especially women and young people.

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