It is impossible to consider sustainable human development and forget about sustainable environment because human beings and environment are codependent. At the Foundation for African Empowerment (FAE), we believe that the biggest threat to sustainable human development of our times is climate change. Climate change is already hurting many communities in Africa and will continue to drag millions of people into grinding poverty and poor wellbeing if appropriate and timely actions are not taken.  

The disempowered and impoverished communities in Africa seem particularly the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change, although they are the least responsible. This is because they heavily depend on the environment for their basic needs such as fuel, water and food.  As part of global citizenship, they have a duty to think globally and act locally with regard to combating climate change. We consider climate change and environmental conservation as transversal in all our programs and projects. Our program on environment conservation seeks an integrated approach which empowers young people, women, local institutions and communities through creating awareness, developing capacities and supporting them to effectively participate in environmental conservation and combating climate change.

FAE is on the ground working with young people, women, local communities and other partners to find innovative and effective solutions to climate change and environmental problems. We sensitize local communities on how to preserve and conserve natural resources and environment so as to avoid hazardous environmental problems and loss of livelihoods. Partner with FAE and stand with us in solidarity with poor and vulnerable people. This cause is important to us, important to the communities, and important to the world’s future! Make it important to you as well.

Contact us today at email: info@thefae.org to learn more how you can take part in the FAE’s efforts.