villageOur Integrated Development Approach 

“We must all work together to advance the rights of those living in extreme poverty and ensure that their voices are heard and their dignity respected”-Ms.Magdalena Sepúlveda Carmona,UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights, June 2015.

At FAE, we work toward breaking the cycle of poverty and improving lives of the poor people in the rural communities where poverty and extreme poverty is severe and pervasive. Poverty is a result of interconnected multiple factors and so addressing just one sector cannot achieve significant change in terms of  breaking the cycle of extreme poverty and creating a positive long-lasting impact. In view of that,  we  work across five critical sectors in order to accelerate the process of breaking the cycle of poverty and  bringing about transformational change in the rural communities. We focus on the  sectors of water, healthcare, education, livelihood opportunities and environment conservation strategies which we believe are synergistically crucial in helping to sustainably break the cycle of poverty in the rural communities. Our adaptive and integrated development approach provides opportunity for FAE, development partners, community members, individuals, local governments and the private sector to concentrate resources and efforts at the grassroots level with the aim of creating long-lasting impact and moving people and communities out of  poverty.

We aim to be catalyst of change and opportunity and not imposers of “solutions”.

We aim to be partners in improving lives in the rural communities, contributing our best resources and expertise.

We work with women, men  and young people who everyday strive to free themselves from the vicious cycle of poverty.

We support rural communities in identifying and implementing solutions so that more people especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged can have access to water, healthcare, education, livelihood opportunities and environment conservation strategies.

Our integrated development approach involves the following key steps:-

  1. We select an impoverished and underserved rural community/village.
  2. We undertake participatory needs and resource assessment to determine priorities.
  3. Together with the community/village, we develop preliminary project ideas.
  4. We refine village-based project ideas/designs using proven dsc07967best practices, viability and feasibility.
  5. Together with the village, we develop video and photos to share with development partners like you.
  6. We fundraise from donors and people like you in order to carry out projects implementation.
  7. Together with the village and people like you we develop participatory monitoring and evaluation measures.
  8. We build capacity of local community to manage the projects.
  9. The project is complete and inaugurated
  10. We collect final photos and videos footage of the projects to send to donors like you.
  11. We regularly check in to be sure  the projects continue to benefit the village.

Sustainability, Monitoring & Evaluation

The projects we design and implement with villages are sustainable by design. Before we embark on any project in a community, we begin to think about sustainability after our exit. In that way, we never overlook local community involvement throughout the process and capacity building for sustainable transformation. We build the capacity of the beneficiaries to manage their businesses after our departure. We also build the capacity of local leaders to be able to devise strategies to end extreme poverty in their communities. img-20161102-wa0047-newOur programs help beneficiaries from falling back into extreme poverty.

FAE believes that more children, youth, men and  women out of extreme poverty will mean more inclusive prosperity, more justice, more equality, more stronger, resilient and sustainable communities. While we know that FAE’s approach is not a silver bullet, we still believe that it can transform lives of thousands in the rural communities especially the most poor and vulnerable. At FAE, we everyday learn and continually improve as we move forward.

Informing and Influencing Policymakers

As we work in partnership with the rural communities to tackle extreme poverty, we also use their knowledge and experiences to influence policies and decisions that are made at a local, national and international levels which can significantly contribute to ending extreme poverty.

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